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Posting Instructables' videos on other sites Answered

To whom it may concern,

my name is Tomas Husner and I come from Poland. I've been meaning to ask under what conditions I am allowed to post your videos on my web site or if I am at all allowed to do so at all. Do I for example need to place the logo of Videojug in the video, post a link to your website or give other forms of credit to your web site in order to be able to use some of your video content on my site. If I am allowed to do so (under certain conditions of course) am I also for example allowed to edit the video in any way?

Thank you for your answer.


Most of the content here is licensed under creative commons. There's a box in the Info section of each instructable/video/slideshow that tells you the license for each; if you click on it it will give you further details on what the license means and what you can do with the content. In most cases you're allowed to reuse content so long as you give credit where it's due.

Alright, thank you very much for your answer!!! I checked out some of the licences already. Now I just want to be sure what non-commercial means because the opinions differ here a lot. Generally commercial is something that generates money right? So if I posted the video on a web site which made money ONLY from advertising, so not from the video itself (everyone is allowed to watch the video on the site without registration = so for free). The only income would be generated from advertising. Would that still mean commercial use?

No idea sorry. That sounds like good reasoning but I'm not sure.

Wat Jayefuu said And credit where it's due is most of the time: - Ask the user if you can use their stuff via comment or pm - place the original authors name on your website plus a link to the ible and his/her profile Other then that I think you're free to do what you want. Just always ask permission :)