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Posting to pintrest? Answered

I was looking for an easy way to pin my instruct able to my pintrest account.  When I try to pin it, the only photos that come up are the ones for the add on my instructable.  Any ideas of how to get around this?  It would be great to not have to write it up separately.



What do you mean that "the only photos that come up are the ones for the add"?

I don't use pinterest, but the way it works is you select an image for your pin. Then the pin links back to the site where the image is found.

Can you clarify what is happening?

I think I found a way around it using the toolbar button that they offer. You choose a website for your pin, and then you get to choose which photo from that url represents your pin, not the other way around. My problem was that when trying to do it from the pintrest site to my instructables url the only images that I could choose from were for the advertisements, not my project. Don't know why it didn't work but using the toolbar button seems good enough.

Well at least you found a solution (I hope). Its strange that you were only getting advertisement images to choose from, but thanks for clarifying, as I wasn't sure what you meant.

If it still doesn't work, post a reply here.