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Potentiometer Help? Answered

I am building a speaker out of two halmark music cards and i wanted to use a potentiometer to control the volume so i wouldn't have to do it on my ipod. I have build one before but did not use a potentiometer so i dont know how to wire it in. Other than the speaker im working on now and the speaker that I built before I have never built anything that involves electronics. What I need help with is what potentiometer I should get and how i should wire it into my project. Mostly I need to know how to wire it but if you could tell me what kind to get that would be great. I search high and low for about and hour but I could not find anything. I have included a diagram of all of the other speaker wiring. If you notice any problems with that also please tell me because i am sort of a noob at this. (I got a soldering iron two days ago) Thanks for the help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

First the iPod gas a volume control and balance control.

Next a physical connect diagram and a circuit schematic for each speaker

But you do not say how many ohms your speakers are ??

How can we design without value able information !



The speaker itself does not say but on the back it has:


Hope that helped

Try a 500 ohm pot
If you get a tapered one ( means it is not linear with rotation ) called an L-Pad.
All that taper does for you is make the sound seem to match your
hearing volume perception with rotation.

If you hook it up wrong you will notice. Never use a single taper pot as
a balance in stereo !!

If the 500 ohm does not seem to work you can try 1000 ohm = 1K pot.


Thanks for all the help but I dont get what you mean by never use a single taper pot as a balance in stareo. Does that mean i need to get two?


7 years ago

Single taper for a single speaker.

A third pot ( no taper ) is often used to balance volume on speakers with different
lengths of wire to the stereo because of room construction forces it on the

I have once crossed ( seen ) an audio balance pot with a dual taper,
please don't sleep over it and thanks for marking my answer best... .

sorry but like i said before i am somewhat of a noob and i am still sort of confused. Does that mean that i should get two pots and hook them up separately?

Exactly one for each speaker.

Thanks for all the help!

Also, I know this is a lot, but do you know if it would be possible to hook a sliding potentiometer to this? If so can you please tell me how because I am also trying to make this look good and I think that a sliding potentiometer would look the best. Thanks

Yes, sliding pots have three terminals, the wiper and the end points

You'll need a tapering pot. Make sure that you connect the third lug to ground to make a variable voltage divider rather than just a variable resister, though!

Thanks for telling me the type of pot. Like i said in the question im a noob so i have no clue what any of that means (im 13.) If you could dum it down so it would be easier to understand that would be great. Also i am looking for what wires would go to where. If you could make a diagram that would be good but you can just tell me in words.