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Potty training seats to fit elongated toilet seat Answered

Super easy and cheap fix to make potty seat fit elongated toilet seats!   Materials needed: 1/2" pvc pipe 7.5" long total length, rubber tape that sticks to itself (fixes leaks in plumbing pipes) and one child's toilet seat with hook slot at rear of seat.

Cut 45 degree ends on each end of the pvc - or measure your toilet seat from underneath.  Put rubber tape on ends of pipe, tape pipe to toilet seat using the "hook" hole underneath - rotating pipe so that it "grabs" the toilet seat as shown on photo #2.  You can use a little longer pipe if you want - this just ended up being 7.5 inches for me - but you want to force the seat to be at the very front of the adult toilet seat....

Hope it works for others!



Thanks! I went back and added it to instructables!


This is cool! You should post it as an Instructable :)

This is actually the forums, which is fine. To post an Instructable, you click the tab at the top of the page that says Create an then click Create an Instructable :)

Also forgot to mention that you COULD use a larger pipe - I just had the 1/2" lying around....