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Powdered glue Answered

Hello, iv been trying to find a type of glue, in powder form, that sets up when exposed to heat, I'd also consider resins, I have some polymorph beads, but that's not going to work for what in doing, otherwise, anyone know a good way to mulch up some glue sticks into a fine powder/dust lol, I tried a pencil sharpener, with poor results lol, any suggestions would be awesome!!


go on to you tube and see Pat Archibalds videos---can also buy it from her website.
Instructions for use are on her videos---as well as how to apply foil to your fabrics

thank you, I'll make sure and check that out.

What are you actually trying to achieve?

What are you sticking together, and why does it have to be heat to activate the glue?

Just experimenting a bit, no definite application in mind as of yet, I was thinking possibly for uber cheap mold making, sprinkle it on, heat gun for 30 seconds voila! Lol, some thing to that effect

There are some industrial processes where plastics are ultrasonically or microwave welded together. Some glues or resins are activated by UV light, dentist uses that stuff. You might have to actually shave a block of plastic very fine and then try to chop that even finer. Molecularly they are long chains you have to break apart,. Maybe baking in an oven would be better like your phenolic resin pellets? Styrofoam pellets are steamed together.

I though about the uv resin, but I wanted something that was dry, I might try to grind up my thermo plastic beads into a powder, and see how that works lol

You'd be better off cobbling together a cheap vacuum former for that, I think.