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Power AND Data Transfer Using Inductive Coupling aka Wireless Power? Answered

I'm sure that many people are familiar with Wireless Power.


Especially with ALL the new products out in stores that power your iPod and Cell Phones without wires! Through the air, these products raise your dead battery from the grave, and return them to full power through the air!

Obviously this is an amazing feat of physics. My instructable on Wireless Power has gotten a lot of people exited about the "no-wires" future that we can enjoy. I've been working on this project for a long time, and I feel that inductive coupling has so much more potential.

One day I thought of the possibilities. I though wouldn't it be awesome if I could sync my iPod wirelessly while charging it wirelessly.

Here's my question: Transferring data using inductive coupling? Good idea?

My goal is to make an instructable on data transfer with inductive coupling. I'm looking for motivation, so if you're interested in this please post a comment. I think it would be awesome if Powermat, or some other company would make data transfer possible.

So, wire free data transfer w/ inductive coupling, good idea? THANKS



3 years ago

As an app developer, I would love to be able to sit my phone on the data sync/charge pad. This would make "plugging" and "unplugging" so much quicker and easier. I also have the issue where some of my cables don't sync well enough but work perfect for power and vice-versa. Having a standard like Qi for wireless charge and data would be amazing. Add on cross-platform support (Android, iOS, any other device that supports the standard) and I would pay so much money for it.

May I know since the technology of Wifi to transfer Data already exist. Then what is the point of using Inductive?

You could use it for something like usb flash drive. You can have an inductive pad built into your laptop where you would put a key chain type flash drive and data would transfer to it with out plugging it in.

Interesting topic. how would your solution differ from f.i. http://www.mesasystemsco.com/category.php?cat=2
could be interesting to create, monitor and manage an inductively coupled local VDC energy harvesting, storage an distribution "mini" grid


7 years ago

Hey there,
I am also looking into this myself.
But transferring data via a blue-tooth module connected to an SD card, all powered by the induction circuit.


7 years ago

How is ur project going?
Im going to try ur Wireless Power instructable in a few days.
Would like to see what u can come up with hope its as good as the last one :)

I've done it in scientific instruments, where we needed to move a very small amount of signal to a system, and receive data over about 1/4" without any contact or friction. Other than that, its a novelty, and wi-fi, bluetooth, Xbee etc etc are a better method.

If you can transfer power, you can modulate that transfer to carry data. However, transferring data *back* is a bit difficult -- not impossible, but you'd have to monitor the back-EMF imposed on the charging coil -- and you really need bidirectional signalling for reliable communication. It isn't clear, however, that this has any significant advantage over the existing technology of bluetooth or other radio communications... at least, not in most situations. Probably worth playing with as a proof-of-concept. To make it more than that, you need a strong use case.