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Power Foil Kite? Please someone make instructable?! Answered

Can someone make an instructables or give me info on making a foil kite from easily obtainable materials? After all Foil kites give greatest lift. I would love to boat or skate with a foil kite to pull me along. I would even try a flying myself (albeit  several feet from the ground so i wont kill myself). Please try. . Thanks Instructable COmmunity

It doesn't have to be cloth sewed, it can be durable paper, plastic, foil or basically anything. Mainly i just want the basic layout design of the kite, its cells and some knowhow on why the cells inflate. (the winds inflate it, but why?)

P.S i seem to have a surplus of garbage bags if any could one for that it would be appreciated


I have also thought about the idea of using garbage bags for a foil kite. The obvious problem is that you cant really get a strong bond by sewing plastic bags. If you are confident with plastic welding you can try that. That's what I did although the airfoil is a pain. You can also practice sewing a foil kite on garbage bags and then when your confident with a set of plans and everything get some ripstop of eBay or something. If you need plans go to KPB (Kite Plan Base).

Hmmm, I wonder if you can use http://cgi.ebay.fr/SOUDE-Scelleuse-Sachet-SAC-Poche-Plastique-magnetique-/350287591413 with your plastic bags, is it strong enough? But first, you'll need to "unfold" a proper kite foil in google sketchup for instance. I'm also interested in this.

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(I don't know "foil kite")


It's foil as in "air foil".

The kites are made so that it inflates into a shape with an efficient "wing" profile.

Can you sew confidently?

Foil kites are a massive sewing job, and every seam must be strong and true.

(It's a job I have yet to try.)