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Power Mac G4 Freezing Answered

Again my Power Mac G4 is acting up again.  This time it freezes usually after about an hour and a half of use.  When monitoring activity monitor, the process called SustemUIServer turns red, and the computer freezes, also the CPU's shut down completely.  If I an watching a video the sound will repeat in a little clip over and over again like a broken record.  I have downgraded the computer from 2Gb of RAM to 1.5 as one of my sticks of RAM was bad, so obviously it is not a RAM problem. Yes I have ran various RAM testing programs such as MemTest86, and that had no issues.  Also with YouTube videos the video will freeze and the mouse wont move.  I will post specs of the mac soon so you know exactly what we are working with. And for anyone wondering, it's running Mac OS 10.5.8, Leopard


Ok so it happened on a wired occasion today. I was editing a video in iMovie HD 06 and the mouse froze. I can still use the volume up and down buttons but the animation on the screen won't go away. My mouse got stuck on the play button so I can play the video but only the sound plays. Do I have a defective graphics card?

-iApple Guy

Make sure and give us the OS version. On the off chance this is a hard drive failing, make a fresh backup. (Don't write over your last known backup in case ther is corruption).

After you get the new back up eith boot off your install disk and run disk utils or boot into single user mode (command s) and do a fsck -y. (This is the command line version of disk utils) If you get errors, try it again.

Ok, I will consider that, but I'm going to wait for all of the posts that do not include wiping my hard drive before I do that. Because, what if something easier fixes it?

-iApple Guy

Absolutely. do know that fsck does not wipe the drive, but only does an intensive check of it's general health. My intention was to warn you that if you had bad HD trouble, you might find that you need to reinstall or get a new drive.. i.e. back up first.

fsck or disk utilities are good things to run periodically though to help spot minor trouble before it becomes major.

best of luck!

Ok,I may have fixed it by removing an item in the menu bar. The eject icon for the combo drive. So far so good, in fact, I am typing the reply on the Power Mac. What I plan on doing is using the computer all day and do some intensive tasks here and there and see if it freezes. So far, I have edited a short video in HD 720p on iMovie HD no problem. Its still a great computer when it works!

-iApple Guy

Considering the age of the system you may want to check the fans and make sure they are all running. Also make sure the heat syncs are clean. The system may be overheating on you.