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Power Sine Wave Circuit Answered

I am trying to build an economical circuit to power an AC electromagnet.
The energy source has to be a battery, preferably less than 24v. The power draw of the electromagnet will be about 500W (the application requires a high-power alternating magnetic flux).

I'm thinking of making a sine-wave generator and a simple transistor amplifier with high power transistors.
Can anyone suggest circuits for this? My knowledge of electronics is not that great, but I'm quite enthusiastic about this and I believe I can give it a try. Any help will be appreciated.



purchase a 500W inverter

Just unbeatable as an answer. Its not something I would build for myself, even though I COULD, its too much like hardwork.

Depending on how picky your magnet is you may need a pure sine wave inverter or a Modified sine wave inverter rather than a square wave inverter.
You should check out my Modified Sine Wave Signal Generator.

Why not use mains electricity?


Presumably the device is meant to be portable or used in a location in which grid power is unavailable.

"The energy source has to be a battery, preferably less than 24v"