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Power Suppy Answered

I need to make a 6.5 vdc - 500ma power supply I have no clue how to make it 6.5v. any help is deeply appreciated


Assuming you HAVE a DC supply with an output of more than about 8V, and capable of delivering 500mA (so you're looking for 8V @ >4 watts, then you just need an LM317 voltage regulator and two resistors.

Here's a link with not only the circuit, but the resistor values for you.



Is your supply from batteries or from a wall wart?

What is the input voltage?

Do you need exactly 6.5V or just about 6.5V?

If you can live with the losses of a linear regulator:
- Will 5V do? Use a 7805.
- Will 6V do? Use a 7806 if you can find one.
- You need just about 6.5V? Lift the ground pin of a 7805 with two diodes (1N4001 or similar) - that should give about 6.2..6.3V
- You need most exactly 6.5V? Use a LM317 adjustable regulator or something similar.

You need to define the input current and voltage.