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Power an Alienware Alpha with a battery? Answered

Hello. I was looking at building my own "gaming laptop" by putting an Alienware Alpha (i3 edition http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MA7AF74/ref=twister_B00PW1Z7TQ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) in a briefcase with a screen. Is there any way I can power these two items with a battery? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.




Best Answer 3 years ago

You're going to spend more money (around $1000 at least after batteries and a case) to get less capability then just buying a laptop. You'll get a bigger screen, better CPU, less weight, better battery power, basically better everything by just buying a gaming laptop.

HERE is a list of gaming laptops that can be had for <=$1000 that should all out perform the system you want to build.

The trouble with gaming laptops is lifetime. The graphics processors run really too hot, pushed to their limits by the mechanical designs, and they tend to fail far earlier than a roomier PC. I have an old friend who does motherboard level repairs to laptops, and he's made a lot of money out of the gaming laptop.

I would contend that he will have the same issue with the Alpha being that it's a very small form factor and packed pretty tightly in the case. That plus the recent push by chip makers to develop more robust, and powerful, mobile gpu's, the lower total cost, higher total performance, smaller size and weight, and the fact that the Alpha is not intended to be moved and generally knocked around and I strongly recommend sticking with the laptop.

What does it take ? 130 W ? What does the monitor take ? What kind of battery life are you expecting for that and the monitor ?

I see it uses an external power supply - any idea what output voltage that is ?

Need to know the voltage too.

Looks like that little monitor is around 12W.

So, once we know how long you expect this thing to run for, we can answer the question.

You need to go a bit more research - ask Alienware ? I'm going to guess at a laptop voltage.

How heavy are you thinking this is going to end up ? It strikes me the lowest cost way to do this is a lead-acid battery, with a car-to-laptop voltage adapter on top.

Lets say you want 150W for 4 hours, that's 50ah, or 50,000mAh - that's a pretty hefty load. And a pretty hefty battery !


3 years ago

A couple of nice large LiPo batteries should have you covered! What is the voltage requirement of the computer portion? How long do you want it to last in use?

130w for the pc and 12w for the monitor. Run 4-5hrs?