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Power assited dolly Answered

Could someone recommend a dc motor strong enough but @ the same time gentle enough to be used for power assist. The item will be a custom built dolly used for lugging around camera equipment. The total weight will be approx. 50 - 75 lbs. Thank you to those that help.


Something from an electric wheelchair or disability buggy?

I was thinking more of something from an electronics store 'cause I'm building this thing from scratch.

Electronics stores won't sell motors like you need. You could try a windshield wiper motor

So I really will need a heavy duty motor, I was hoping that I'd be able to avoid that, but, I want this to be a high quality project. Ok that's out of the way.

Don't wiper motors work in a oscolation motion or is that an eccentric attachment? I'm automotive inclined but not to that point lol.

No, the eccentric is arranged outside the motor.
Are you always running on the flat, or do you want to (try) pull up hill ?

How fast do you want to move ?

It's going to be used on both hills & flat surfaces. The pace will be just about normal walking pace. Basically it is just going to be taking up the slack so I can tote everything around easier. I have a really bad back & a worse leg, so carrying this stuff isn't an option.

die grinder? electric chain saw? starter motor? belt sander? most of those don't really have the torque (save the starter motor) to start a loaded dolly from a dead stop, but they would definitely reduce the amount of pull required to get the thing moving.

for all of those you'd have to develop some kind of gearing, a battery pack, and a speed controller though.

if you did as the man of kites suggests and get a junk electric wheelchair or like a rascal scooter or something, you'd already have the drive train, power source, speed control, etc..  check around on craigs list i bet you'd be suprised at how cheap you can find some of the components.

The first parts that you mentioned I had no intention of using 'cause they don't have the torque as you stated.

Yes - there's "from scratch" and there's "from a sensible starting point".

The final item has no need to end up looking like the donor vehicle.