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Power outage? Answered

Would like some suggestions as to how to circulate hot air from wood stove in one room to other rooms in home, when the power is off

We usually use Fans when we have power.


Here is what a family member tried and it seemed to work in a pinch. They installed basically forced air style grills at the tops of the rooms that were getting no heat. Hot air rises, flows gently through and if there is a vent in the wall of the next room, warm air should also make its way there. Unfortunately, noise flows as well, but in mobiles, that is a given :0)

Thats a quirky response, never would have thought of it.

Only thing I would think is gravity feed - put the stove in the basement and duct the hot air to various rooms.

Sorry no basement. All the rooms on one floor. Moble home with long hall.

Depends on the furnace then - you could have a battery power backup for a dc electric fan - enough battery for a few days of on and off fan blowing.

Very Interesting. Had not thought of it. Looked as some of the links you gave me, they all seem to be noisy but will continue looking.  Thanks