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Power supply (6 servos)? Answered

Hi guys!

I do have question on power supply for my multiple servos. I need a power supply that can provide an enough voltage and current for my servos. Do you have any recommendation for my supply? Throughout my reading, i've found that each servos requires 1A so if i have 6 servos means 1A X 6 = 6A at least to support my servos


Yes. And as any qualified engineer will tell you, when specifying a power supply, one sums the maximum load currents required by each attached load to determine the necessary rating for the power supply.

Unless one knows with certainty that the various loads will NEVER be running simultaneously (for instance, by designing the system to switch loads to the power supply)

If the loads are all connected to the power supply for on-demand draw, and if you're still in the design phase, you may also want to consider getting a power supply that will provide a little more than the 6A, to accommodate future additions to your design that aren't yet implemented or have been overlooked at an earlier stage in development.

The 1 amp for each servo is the stall current - even a reasonable mechanical design will ensure they don't ALL stall at once, (or even at all) !!

Other then that the servos will draw milli amps for a few seconds. A 6 Amp supply is way over the top. - My RC aircraft run on a 500 mAhr battery for up to 20 minutes.

This includes driving the servos (3) the receiver AND the 80 watt motor which is capable of drawing 30 Amps under load by itself.

Design has to be realistic as well as practical. In this case, unless the application is something weird, the power supply does not need to be 6 amps.

HOWEVER as is often the case we only have general and vague information to go on.

Hi guys! Is 4 Amps enough? My project is robotic arm for pick and place. Just small application, and the stall current for my servo motor is 2300 - 2500 mA each. I'm using Power HD-1501MG and HD-3001HB.

I can't imagine your going to run the servos into a stall intentionally - Indeed the application of a few micro switches as limit switches would avoid this.

Measure the current the servos draw in normal use. this will give you a pretty good idea of how much power they will draw.

Hey @rickharris.

Thank you for helping. I will try reading on that :)