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Power supply alternatives for Desktop ? Answered

 I  want to know wind or solar power is good to power up my PC,DIY link please ? Do you know any other alternative solution ? 


You could use a PicoPSU in combination with solar/wind power. The PicoPSU takes 12v DC input, and I'm assuming a solar panel puts out something in that neighborhood.  Maybe you could use some sort of a voltage regulator as well.

I would think that would be advantageous over using a solar panel to charge a deep-cycle battery, and then using an inverter to go to 120v AC, only to have it converted back down to the low DC voltages inside a computer.  You'd eliminate the inverter, thus improving efficiency.

 Wow i never heard about PicoPsu. I can't believe that small psu. Its beyond my imagination. Sure I'll buy one, My CPu conf is DG31PR,Celeron 430,LGdvdRw, 1Gb RAm, and an extra fan inside CPU. WOw i still cant believe a cpu that take only 12v. THis PicoPSU can avoid unwanted power conversions like invertor.
Is it possible to arrange like this --[Solar]-->--[Battery stores12v]--->--[PicoPSU]-o
Hey do minibox ship to India ? Thanks a lot for sharing this information. WOW !

It looks to me like that rig takes very considerably more than the 120W a PicoPSU can supply. WHat IS your power requirement  ? Have you seen MiniITX motherboards ? They only pull 20W or so.


I looked around a bit more on Minibox, and they actually have DC to DC power supplies that are made to work with Automotive batteries and/or solar power.  Take a look.  More specifically this PSU would probably be best suited for what you're doing, plus it has the highest wattage available.

Looking at your specs, it should be able to power your rig, just be careful about adding hard drives, expansion cards, etc.  If you're using an expansion graphics card or anything of that nature, then you might over-exceed the power supply's limit.  I'd imagine that you could go Solar > Battery > PSU, I've never done it but I don't see why not.  You might want to make some sort of voltage regulating circuit to sit in between the battery and the PSU as well.  I don't know if Minibox ships to India, here's what they have to say about ordering info.

How much money do you have to spend on this?


 I expect low and mid range budget. ;-)

You've got some good answers, thanks for the reply



8 years ago

 Here is 250VAC, On a previous comment i saw PicoPSU. I'm considering that one to replace my PSU. Anyway thanks for reply.

It would be better to invest in a lower power computer, like a netbook.  Then you could get by with a scrounged car battery or two, and a solar panel with a few watts output.

Another alternative source: a bicycle running a generator.

 I'm planning to buy a netbook soon. 

Thank you very much for your comment.