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Power supply does not supply power. zoom g2.1u Answered

either that or the zoom pedal isn't working. that's my bet, it's the stock power supply . it runs fine on batteries, albeit for a short time.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'll bring you another power supply!

I Have a zoom pedal g2.1u
the edit led blinkand and show something like a bt blinking led
but the pedal dont start whit external power suply  or AA batterys

It blinks  but it not start

What sould i do ?

get a volt meter (multimeter) in parallel to the supply and device. see if under load it supplies the correct voltz

what does it mean, parallel? what do i attach the pos and neg of the multimeter to? and it should be under load, it's the stock power supply, and I haven't messed around with the device at all.

can you find where to stick your multimeter to measure volts ? great now can you stick your multimeter there while your device (that needs the power) is connected ? that'd be a test under load if your power supply has an X of 4 different plugs on its cable thats great. they are connected in parallel. just stick the multimeter into one that is not used by the device otherwise it may be tricky. you may have to open the device and stick the multimeter to the solderings inside. if thats the case try to connect the multimeter without load (just supply and multimeter). that won't detect all possible faults but only the most obvious like broken wires