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Powerboost 1000 Overheating? Answered

Hello! I bought everything off of the list from Adafruit that you provided and I was testing the Powerboost 1000 board with the battery, but the powerboost board keeps overheating the moment the battery gets plugged in. What should I do?

I have already tested the battery's polarity and it was good. I tried adding a 2.2k resistor to the Li-ion board but the powerboost continues to overheat.

PS. this is my first project


What's connected to the other ends of the black and red wires? It sounds like you may have a short circuit of some kind.

this inductor nominal current about 2-4 Amp.for this IC maximal current about 0.5A.
On real drawing heat higher in component were resistance higher.Here under full load is IC.
In nominal and low load high frequency heat ferrites because of high inductance create loss energy(transfer to heat).

you experience overheat on inductance and driver IC together because
maker use high current and high nominal for inductor.for avoid it use inductor 4.0 micro Henry
and inductor current closer to nominal load current.