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Powering a ccfl panel from a broken laptop screen? Answered

I have google'd and searched this site over and again trying to find out the correct way to power a ccfl panel, I recently had to replace a laptop screen and the person bought a screen and an inverter, so i got to keep the smashed screen and the inverter, now i took all the glass of and the metal, so now all i have is the panel. All i want to know is how much power do i need to put into the inverter (if i can use it) and where do i put the wires? i also took apart some scanners to try and use their inverters, but it seems that all the scanners i have all have inverter looking boards built into them and work off ribbons so i don't know how to power these either. If anyone can help me in either of these i would greatly apreciate it as i am trying to make my own light box



6 years ago

Show some pictures of what you've got./


Answer 6 years ago

I am sorry for the lack of images, here are the images from my light box project