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Powerseed instructable Help (Diet Timer) Answered

I recently saw this device online while researching my most recent new years weight loss resolution.


This product blinks every 30 seconds to remind you to eat slowly. You are only supposed to take a bite when the light blinks.

While I like the idea of this product I thinkg it would be better if it was a little more flexible. I would like to be able to change the blink time to try and work up to 30 secs. Maybe 5 second increments. This will be my first make - i have been a lurker for a long time - I see tons of cool projects but I would like this to be my first. It seems like it would be a fun make, hopefully a relatively simple one. However, I will need a lot of help with which components I should use. If anyone is willing to help me put together a parts list it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advnace!



10 years ago

A fine application for something like a basic stamp or Arudino (microcontrollers.) ($50 for a blinking LED. The mind boggles.)

Yeah the 50bucks seemed a little excessive to me. I think I need a little more hand holding to be successful on this build - if anyone is willing to walk me through this project it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


1) Acquire an Arduino or compatible, and the arduino software.
2) get it working. Run the "blink" example program.
2a) modify the blink example to blink the led for a short time every 30 seconds.
3) Get the "analogInput" example working too.
3a) combine 2a and 3 to make a project that blinks the LED for a short time at an interval between 5 and 30s depending on the setting of the dial.

Lady Ada's Tutorials would probably be helpful.

Great - thanks a bunch.... the links and the recommendations will be a great help!

for low price thrills I'm sure a timer circuit with a simple counter circuit would be easy enough to create if you give me a while I could think of something to do this...

Hmmm I thought you were a bit sceptical of the arduino because of price but considering they can be used for a hell of a lot of stuff I suppose you'd get your money out of it...

The code for the program would be a simple equation aswell

Im no good at coding but X is the time between blinks

X = 5 x X
and a rule that says X only goes to six.

I was sceptical at first - i thought I would be using the Adruino for the project...not just for programming (sorry still new to all this). Once I saw that the blinkM just needed it for coding - I was like -cool - two birds with one stone :) Thanks again!