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Practical uses for Python and JavaScript? Answered

I was just wondering about the sort of things you can do with these two.  I know you can use at least JS when building webpages, but I don't really enjoy that sort of thing when I code.  Are there other uses for these?  Also, is it true that robots can be programmed with Python?  Thank you very much for an answer.


Python: Game Programming (Pygame is really good for beginners), Advanced Calculators, making programs to make processes in your daily life faster, etc...

Javascript: IDK much JScript =P

We have a Python interface to Geant4, the world's simulation toolkit for radiation interacting with matter.

Python is a favourite language for the Raspberry Pi, and there are millions of coding projects for that platform, driving hardware

With the right compiler and boot loader on the chip you can program a robot in any language you want.