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Pranks! (water-related) Answered

Were you Tee Pee'd last week? Was your car suran-wrapped? Was there Icy Hot on the toilet seat AGAIN? Did someone give you frozen mayonnaise when you asked for vanilla ice cream? How about the hand in the bowl of warm water trick? Something else? Something WORSE? Don't worry, and don't get mad............get even! This is THE place to scheme about how to get those pranksters back! Mines, tripwires, water balloons, lasers (to pop black water balloons of course), water sniper rifles, pimped out go karts (mounted with water balloon cannons), you name it! If it's a prank, and it soaks to the bone, it should be disscussed here! Soon, we'll make them wet and sorry they messed with you! (If they get you back, evaluate the prank, and read this paragraph again!)


I'll post a few pics of an actual water mine (remote controlled or triggered) soon. But for the ultimate prank, how would you like a shower of water balloons to rain on the culpret? Wouldn't that be great footage for YouTube? I designed a device the size of a 5 gallon bucket that acts as a water balloon cannon. It has a barrel, pressure chamber, and a solenoid valve. It also has either contacts for a switch, or a reciever for a remote controller. It even has cool arming switches, an "armed" LED, and the controller would have a countdown LED display clock (hits 00:00, opens valve) or a BIG red button that says "detonate"! Imagine that your culpret did something really spiteful to you. You put one of these behind his car, behind the bushes, around the corner- wherever the balloons have clearance to be shot, and wherever it would most likely hit the target. I never thought about what would happen if someone fired this inside their garage!!!!! Then, load 6-10 fresh, ice cold water balloons (or balloons filled with other materials-food, body fluids, mud, flour, etc-but nothing dangerous! Remember, we're trying to prank them, not kill them!), and drop them into the top of the barrel. Pressurize the unit with a bike pump, and a chuck valve tire fitting (for the tire valve on the pressure chamber). If there's a gauge on it, you'd probably want no more than 90-100 psi. Make sure that you have the proper voltage needed to open the valve hooked up.....................arm the device. Get cover behind something (bring a digital camcorder, and an umbrella-you might get hit too!!!), and wait. If it's triggered to go off by a tripwire, laser beam, pressure plate, or your own personal method, make sure it actually works. If it's remote controlled, hit the big red button just before they walk under the danger zone. You'll probably only time it if the target is sitting outside at something like a picnic-where you can't be seen pressing the button. You could make two or even three launchers, and set them all off at once for the ultimate prank!I'll make a 3D model (google sketchup-join my group!) and post it soon!!!

Here it is! an actual water mine! Although untested, theoretically, it is fully operational. The mine can be built in a small plastic bucket or pail, and uses a rubber diaphragm that holds the water to make the big splash. The diaphragm is held down by a rod with a hole bored in it, and the rod is held down be a perpendicular solenoid. The diaphragm is filled with water. When current flows through the solenoid, the solenoid retracts, freeing the rod, and allowing the diaphragm to relax, expelling all the water out of the top of the mine in a wide radius. The unit is designed to be partially buried in the ground, and could be modified to activate by a switch, pressure plate, optical sensor, remote control (infrared), or even a wireless switch. I suggest that you make more than one of these, because I don't think just one is going to make a difference whether you win or lose in a water war. I also advise using them during the night as well.

Splash Mine cross-section.pngSplash Mine.pngSplash Mine solenoid pin.pngSplash Mine surface.png

Here's the device- It's got an arming switch, and a handle for easy transport. Half of the lid can be opened up so that the unit can be pressurized. (pressure guage not shown)

water balloon showering device.pngwater balloon showering device arming switch.pngwater balloon showering device cross section.png

There's probably a more mechanical way to make one of these using springs or rubber tube, but this version is much more fun. Enjoy!

So imagine that you're avenging a prank someone pulled on you. Bring one or two (I recommend several of these babies) of these "water balloon shower from hell" devices to the culpret's location (his house). Set them up where the balloons will cover the most area where the culpret will soon predtictivly occupy. It's always good to carry a powerful water balloon launcher with you in case the target finds shelter under something (and you can nail him), or if you're discovered, and he tries to kill you. Ok, you've set up these devices in four places. One behind the pillar. This is a good location to place one, because the victim will most likely not look left as soon as he exits his house. Also, a few balloons will hit the ceiling causing immediate soakage. Next, you've hidden one behind the hedge near the target's vehicle. This is an excellent spot, because it's completely hidden from sight, and if place at an incline toward the car, all of the balloons will hit the driveway. You've also hidden one behind his car. This spot is excellent, but the culpret might hastily enter his vehicle to escape the balloons, and pull out of the driveway (probably running over the device). So, you'll probably want to keep him from driving away, and especially, make him stay out in the open. An excellent way to make him exit his car again is to put blocks behind and infront of the wheels on his car! That way, he can't get away! (make sure he doesn't see the blocks before the attack, or he may remove them and escape). Also, if possible, if the car has a sunroof (this prank his he pulled on you had better be REALLY bad), and you can open it before the attack, do so. The final, optional, and most sneaky place to put one of these is on the roof. This is the best place to hide it, because the balloons will reach higher altitudes, and will cover more area. Plus, he's not likely to see it anyway. It's a good idea to secure the device on the roof with tape, rope, or your own personal method. You could also bury them when the culpret isn't home, that way he can't steal them. But the downside of this is that the hole would have to be pretty large, and he'd probably notice the dirt. Now that your set, all of the launchers are pressurized, loaded, and armed, pick a good hiding spot. If you're using a trigger (motion detector, laser beam, trip wire, pressure plate, etc) make sure that it's wired correctly, and that it's operational. A good idea is to put a pressure plate under a welcome mat right under the front door. The trigger would have to go to a transmitter (could be easily hidden) that would send a signal to recievers in the devices that sets them off. Set the trigger AWAY from shelter, so that the attack will triggered when the culpret is in the open. If you're not using a trigger, wait until he's close to his car, or away from shelter. If he's a family member, and you have the remote for his car, lock it. Now that you're in your hiding spot, and that you have an umbrella (if it's close to the firing zone), that you have your camcorder ready to roll (and that it's protected from water balloons as well), and that your water balloon launcher is loaded and ready to fire, all you've got to do now is wait......... When you see your victim, start rolling the camera! When he's close to the car, set them off! Mass soakage! Also, don't forget that the balloons that you use could be filled with flour, cheese, meatloaf, ketchup, other condoments, even body fluids (I won't go there), and other things like egg yokes, tomatoes, mud, paintballs, and anything else you wouldn't want to get hit with. Just don't fill the balloons with anything dangerous-it's a prank, not a death trap. If he finds you, blast him with you water balloon launcher! Then what happens next is up to you. I don't know how you'd get the devices back (unless there's a whole team of people ready to grab them and run away with them after they fire, or they could ambush him as well), so I'd just run!!! If he follows you, remember that water balloon lancher. You might want to film running away as well! Just remember-it's only a prank. (and he'll probably get you back....)

Prank demo whole.pngPrank demo front door.pngPrank demo behind the pillar.pngPrank demo behind the hedge.pngPrank demo behind the car.pngPrank demo on the roof.pngPrank demo all hiding places.pngPrank demo target.pngPrank demo target ready.pngPrank demo fire.pngPrank demo mass soakage.pngPrank demo victory.png

To keep the balloons from popping in the barrel, use wadding. Wadding is basically toilet paper, or tissue that protects the balloons from popping because to the sharp blow from the air. Also, lubricating the barrel with water or another lubricant would also help.

If you use toilet paper as wadding, you can TP them, and soak them both at once! It's like hitting two birds with one stone!