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Praying Mantis Dying? HELP! Answered

I have what I believe is a large Indian Mantis.  I fould it on our deck and have kept it for about 3 weeks so far.  It molted a week ago and for the first time I saw wings.  The covering of the wings is a little shredded, but look ok.  Starting yesterday it started looking very lethargic and was hanging by 1 leg from the top screen of it's cage where it hasn't left in 3 weeks except when it molted.  It looks like it is dying and not showing any signs of strength or interest in food.  What can I do, if anything?  Temps here in New England are in the 30's at night and I don't think it would stand a chance if I let it go or I would.


i cant find my praying mantis in her homemade breathable-box i dont know if shes molting or dieing or even invisable although it is mostly live grass i cant find her within every thing in it ive looked a couple or time but still cant find her so please help me. i checked on her 5 mins ago but know shes gone completely. nevermind i found her hiding in her branches but if they are dead or dieing they will only move real slow or not move at all. if this helps please reply to this oh and it depends on what colour your habitat is and what colour ur mantis is so same colours are hard 2 find and different colour are somewhat easy to find thnx

my mantis is doing the same thing.. He has been hanging from one lag for three days and when I check on him he will move his pitchers very slowly. Just recently he fell, and didn't use his legs to support him self and fell onto his back..we helped him up and now he lays on his stomach and hes face is on the ground, but still moves his punchers so he isn't dead.. Is he moulting.. Or is he dieting? Should I put him in the freezer so he isn't suffering? Any help please!

well i have a praying mantis and i dont know if its male or female and its acting weird to i hsve try to feed it and it wont eat and it danks water i need help can someone help me and when its hot i bring them in the house and put cold water on them and my house is 74 degrees and some times i would leave yhem in the car with the wendow down and 5 mins later i would get them someone help pleace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!):

<font face="Verdana" size="2">Newly hatched mantids are small little critters, and so fruit flies make a tasty snack (although unfortunately they also seem to like the taste of their siblings as well - cannibalism is not uncommon). As the mantis grows, you can feed it progressively larger prey...house flies, crickets, and the like. </font><div id="Layer5"> <p>You'll want to keep your mantises in a warm, dry environment...although I little water never hurts anything. An old aquarium is perfect. Give them some foliage, stems, etc. to crawl around on, and with some luck and the right food, you may keep them around until spring. Be warned, if you capture a mature mantis late in the summer or fall, there is an excellent chance they are near the end of their normal lifespan. Don't be disappointed if they don't last long in captivity. One other thing. Mantids are notorious for one story...that females bite the heads off of males after mating, and then eat the male. While this probably does happen on a rare basis in the wild, this observation most likely was the result of matings occuring in captivity, where the male had no chance to escape the female. So chalk this one up as largely "insect urban legend," although technically it CAN happen rarely. Good luck!</p></div>

the female praying mantis ussally die after 2 weeks of birth of the egg sacks

As DaMommy said, you might be witnessing the end of its natural lifeexpectancy range. At any rate, the instructables to the right seem relevant!