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Pre-Formatted Text Issues Answered


Several of our instructables have pre-formatted text in them.

However recently this text has stopped displayed properly. It has gone from being multiple lines to a single long line. Is this a fixable issue?


The Long line after "The Code"



I'm afraid this problem remains with included code in several of our Instructables still unusable.


Are there any plans to fix this?


8 years ago

I'm forwarding this bug to the DEV team now.  Problem heard - we'll work on it!

Hmmm this isn't good, not sure if it's a sign that things are being fixed but many of the steps on our Instructable have disappeared completely, and those that haven't the pre-formatted text no longer as a long long but simply as paragraph text with the line breaks stripped out.

Hopefully this will bump this problem up a little, are others having similar issues?

I submitted this as a question since I thought I'd messed up the formatting.  But I'm told the wiki markup should still work, but clearly it hasn't.  I did notice that in some places my curly brackets {{{ and }}} were replaced with <pre> and </pre>.  I hope to hear a quick resolution to this.


8 years ago

Another bug report on the same issue, submitted 14 days ago.

Maybe multiple reports will light the fire...I hope it's fixed soon, too.

Hi.  I reported a similar bug (newly introduced, I think) on Thursday.  I haven't seen a response from staff as yet.  This is almost certainly related to the new text-formatting system (CKEditor) which I'bles installed a few weeks ago. 

As you may know, the new "comment box" is just the user's front end to that system; the whole data markup has changed as a result, with some non-trivial fallout.  Hopefully they'll be able to fix this soon; in the mean time, I'd suggest holding off on trying to change your I'bles -- you could make a future fix even more difficult for yourself.