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Pre-drilled shelves? Answered

I would like to know where I can purchase the pre-drilled melemine shelving upright boards in order to construct some custom built bookcases.


Lowes and home depot sell shelving kits, but it gets expensive pretty quick.
I dont remember seeing any melamine unless it was pegboard but they might have some tucked away.

It would be better to drill your own holes where you want them. What I've done in the past is use a strip of pegboard clamped to the board and use the holes for spaceing where I drill. It's very easy and customized to go where you want them.


6 years ago

You are old enough to buy a $20 handrill and pre-drill your own shelves.

I don't think you can buy pre-drilled for a costume shape bookcase
unless it is just height adjustment you seek.


I would try your local DIY stores, I've never seem it there buy I've never really looked for it either. If you can't find it at Lowes or Home Depot, I would try a local cabinet shop. Most of them make it for their own use, but they might sell some to you for your project.