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Precious Plastic Answered

I just recently heard of Precious Plastic and it looks like a great idea for a home shop or business. At the moment it looks like an European franchise but I would love to be able to do something like this if they bring this idea to US.



2 years ago

Distributive recycling like this is hard to catch on in the US because of where we send our plastics. It's cheaper to put a ton of plastic regrind on a ship in Oakland and ship it to Shenzen than it is to send it by truck from Oakland to Los Angeles.

It's a supply and demand thing, and there's a ridiculous amount of supply of good recycled plastic with still viable polymer lengths, and practically no demand for it in the consumer areas. It's going to take a good salesman to champion this. Anybody want to call Elon Musk and tell him to get on it?

That is really cool, Thanks for sharing the link!

Hola, Me parece muy muy interesante, y sobre todo MULTIPLES USOS e ideas, cuanto cuesta, la maquina trituradoda de plastico. soy de Mexico.

mi correo alfhoy11@hotmail.com

Mi estimado amigo, para mas información debe usted ponchar el enlace electrónico que esta arriba y comunicarse con los creadores de la franquicia. Yo también estoy muy interesado en las máquinas tal como usted pero yo, lamentablemente no cuento con el capital.

Similar things exist, like the Filastruder for example.
If I am not mistaken then I haven seen one or two Ibles about similar extruder as well.
The idea in general is great not only for 3D printing but also for households businesses that have a lot of (usable) plastic rubbish.

When I started with my 3D printer I experimented a bit with the recycling idea as I did not like to waste all bad prints.
If you are only after extruding plastic and maybe adding some mold for forming it certainly is a great thing.
But for 3D filament there are too many variables affecting the outcome.
Just to name a few:
Temp problems while printing can cause bad plastic that is already too brittle for further use.
Tiny air bubbles being trapped, although this can be prevented with proper filter screens I think.
But the worst ist actually getting very consistent diameters.
It is almost science to get all parameters correct and still even with a proper cooling, winding and transport system it is very hard to be ggod enough.

But I think that as with 3D printing hardware prices will drop and quality will bet better the more people actually use the involved hardware.
An Arduino Mega was a very costly toy back in the day, now you can get including Ramps board for under 50 bucks...
Same for hotends and heatbeds or the Nema motors.
So promoting open source projects like this seems like a smart move.
More people try it, more people use it, more people improve it.
We should actuall get a dedicated forum section to discuss new projects in the open source community ;)

1. Howthehellareya? Haven't seen you around for a while.

2. Thanks,I was expecting some sales pitch but he's got some good informative videos as this is all open-source. I might try experimenting with recycled plastic.

Thank you for welcoming me! I know I have been somewhat busy. I was afraid that people would think that I am spamming but the site looks legit for now.