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Precision hand cutting tool for wood? Answered

I have a scroll saw in my garage that's been sitting there for ages. Without going into my sob story about my whole situation, let's say the reason why I wanted to use it is because I'm dirt broke and wanted to craft gifts, and I spent a bit of money fixing it up just to find out it won't power whatsoever.
So now I'm looking for a way to cut wood precisely, possibly by hand. I've been working with wood about 3/4" thick, but I may go thinner for my own sanity if I'll be working by hand. Any recommendations? 


Coping Saw.

Yhea Your best bet; I wouldn't look further then that. Same type of blade, just mounted kind of like a mini hacksaw. Should be less the $20

May I Ask why the saw dosn't power up? Provided the motor and most of the mechanics are in good condition Could be a simple fix !

I havent had the opportunity to inspect it in depth. I spent thr majority of the time I had before going to work cleaning and derusting it. Its been sitting in a garage for the last several years, the rust from humidity even in Colorado.

Ahh wonderful ; Send me a PM if you ever feel like trying to fix it :P Still I have to second Gizmolgist's Answer, A coping saw is what you need.