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Predator enviromental helmet Answered

does anyone know how to make an enviromental helmet like the one the predator has from that movie predator, i understand that certain technology limitations would limit the total functionality but i just want like a plain one so i can throw a few laser pointers in it for the lasers and use a couple digi camcorders, one for normal vision and use that nifty IR cam trick to make another vision mode, it would be REALLY tricky but i've seen alot of the cool stuff on this site and i'm pretty comfident that someone will be able to help me out, well thanx for readin and if you reply with some useful info then thanx for that too.


i need a helmet too so lets see this site :P
very excited


11 years ago

You seek the Hunter's Lair! It's the best Predator resource out there.

Also the book put out by ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics) on the making of Alien vs. Predator is a great resource. They show the animatronic Predator heads used in the film -they had 27 servos in them to control all the facial movements!

And stay tuned- I'll have an instructable up soon that will show how to create your own simple animatronics. I think it would be possible to have the Predator shoulder cannon track your head movements.... Can you tell I've always wanted to make a Predator costume? :P

Hope this helps!

thanks alot Honus it did help, and i'll deff. keep an eye out for your instructable. and you where right that site is awesome. thanx again