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Premium Code Answered

I received a code for a premium Teacher membership.  I have entered the code and logged in, but when I go to download it says I need to upgrade to premium.  Help!



1 year ago

I have the same problem...nothing listed has worked. Any advice?

Everything looks correct on your account. If you are still facing this problem, please logout and log back in as that will reset your account.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team at service@instructables.com

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

I heard back from Instructables and here is their response that worked!!

Hello K,

You can redeem your Premium Membership by logging in first and visiting: https://www.instructables.com/payment/redeem

Inline image 2

Ignoring the boxes on the right, enter your code in the box on the left and click "Submit!"

Support Team @ Instructables

If mmmelroy's suggestion doesn't work try clearing your web browser cookies then log-in and try again

i think logging out and then logging back in will properly set the pro status on your account for page activities like downloading pdf's