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Preparedness:: Survival:: Game for Kids/adults Answered

The Girls Scouts are hosting an Earth Day event that is about preparedness and the skills needed to be a survivor.  I'm trying to create stations or booths with different skills for students and adults to try or learn.  For example, one station will be learning knots.  Another station will have simple materials for participants to make a makeshift shelter.
I need ideas that are fairly simple to teach or show at that stations that can be done in less than 10 minutes.
I'm also interested in a game.
Thank you.



1 year ago

Here is a fantastic tool that can be made from junk lying around, and it can be used as a radioactive fallout dosimeter.

It literally can be built from junk, and it hardly requires any complicated hand tools.

But the possibilities for teaching physics are vast. Charges, forces, current, capacitance...even ionizing radiation. Don't forget - electroscopes were used as radiation detectors in the early days of particle physics...

You can build it and use gas lamp mantle as a radiation source to show that it works. Gas mantles contain thorium, the element that makes them magically produce more light when heated. If you build the electroscope and charge it with static, theoretically an old TV (electron source), or a thorium gas mantle will cause it to slowly discharge, visibly causing the charged aluminium leaves to fall back to normal.


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3 years ago

Are you doing this with your Scouts, or with the public?


3 years ago

Seems like you want to set up a round robin style competition where one can earn a badge or have a skill checked off in a "passport book" for completing each station.

You can look through older boy scout or military manuals for survival skills and tasks. First aid, recognizing poisonous plants(use pictures), knots, lashing together a simple tool/A-frame, filter water, how to recognize bad weather and prepare... You can mix it up with modern day skills like gathering a bunch of old cellphones and see who can change out the battery the fastest or see who can sort out and recycle correctly a heap of clean disposables.

Good luck.