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Present for Little Sister Answered

I need to make a present for my little sister(11).  I've checked the gifts section, but nothing seemed suitable for her. She doesn't really have any interests, so I've given you all the info I can. Thanks in advance



Best Answer 7 years ago

If she doesn't have interests (yet), you could start her toward one.

You could make her a 'kit' for something you're interested in and do it with her. The idea is to give her your willing time and attention, and if she's much younger than you, your patience and experience as well



For instance, does she have a pile of teddies or dolls in her room?

Then buy her a pile of swatches of fabric, needles, thread, thimble and a decent pair of scissors.

Or buy her an empty scrap-book, plus tools to take up scrap-booking.


7 years ago

If there is a requirement that you have to 'make' something, making her a special box or other container for keeping the supplies would be good.

how much are you willing to spend? You might want to ask her what she wants or you could give her a gift card that way she can buy whatever she wants and she won't be mad or sad at you because you got her what she didn't want.