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Pressboard Pallet Repurposing Answered

My workplace receives shipments on pressboard pallets. We collect about a hundred a year, and can't even give them away. Can anyone help me figure out some good ways to repurpose them?


Place them top down, cut the feet off of them, and drill holes about 1 inch in the low spots. After you till the garden place them on the ground and plant tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and zookeeny in the holes where the feet were.

They will kill the weeds between your plants.

Water will go through the one inch holes and the sun will not evaporate it away keeping your soil moist.

And they will keep the fruit of your plants off the ground.

I would take some. The geometry present special challenges but then as well special options. Nature finds a way. Repurposed as Shelfs, tables, definately possible. Repurposed in a charming, stylish way that someone wouldnt even suspect they were ever pallets, not nearly as possible.

Now it sounds like these are good pressed board pallets. Somebody is making or buying these and using them to ship goods on. Could they be collected, kept in good shape, and returned to the party who shipped them to you? Circle of life style?

If you have an oven that creates a lot of heat you can use the crushed pallets as fuel.
Depending on the type of glue used you might be able to crumble them after a steam treatment, other than that they are basically the cheapest junk around.
Some people used them to build little sheds by screwing them together on the feet and filling the viod with insulation material or concrete.
If you have enough of them it might be worth to contact a recycling joint that works with wood, they might pick them up for free.