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Pressure Container Answered

How much Psi or atm can this mentos mint container hold if i seal it then put a vavle on it? I dont know what material it is made of, Im assuming its thin aluminum. Can anyone help me with this please.


Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Mentos(r)? The freshmaker(r)?


I do not see any picture attached to this topic, or the topic you started here,


that seems to be asking the same thing.

My guess for how much pressure, for a container designed to hold mint candies, is somewhere between 0 and 1 atmosphere, or equivalently, between 0 and 15 PSI, gauge pressure, before it explodes. That is if you can get it to seal at all.

However, I think this sounds like something fun to try, if you have some good ideas about how to seal it, and subsequently pump air into it.

Just remember to wear your safety glasses, and whatever other PPE,


might be appropriate for an exploding, metal, candy container.

TechnoGeek026Jack A Lopez

Reply 1 year ago

Its this one, i already measured its lxwxh. What suggestions do you have to perfectly seal this container.


Reply 1 year ago

It is a pressed fitting not meant to be fully airtight.
The tin is very thin too.
Might be easier to use a big refillable lighter instead, at least they are rated for some pressure.
Even if you manage to seal yours a bit of pressure will deform it like a balloon and the amount of gas stored will be very small.