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Pressure Washer? Answered

I would assume it can't be, but it would be really lucky if a pressure washer could fill an air tank to the pressure the washer is rated for.  So can a pressure washer that says 5000 psi really fill a tank to 5000 psi with the right fittings.  It probably won't be breathable or paint ball worthy but is it plausible.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Pressure-washers use water, which is several hundred times more dense than air.
It's not going to work like an air compressor, the PSI value reflects the force at which it can fling water out the end.


I figured so, but because about half of the output is actually air I figured it might work, thanks.

. +1. As a rule-of-thumb, water pumps don't make good air pumps. You could use the output of the pressure washer to drive a hydraulic motor to drive an air pump, but using an electric motor would probably be much easier.


7 years ago

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