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Preview opinions of the new show: Warehouse 13 ? Answered

Does anyone have any pre-July 7th (premier time) opinions
of the new Sci-Fi show: Warehourse 13 ?


It was great! Can't wait to see some more episodes!

I can't wait until they start showing them on the weekends so I can see some of them..... :-(

The link doesn't work for me (the site won't cooperate with Linux), but the photo says to me that it's a series of stories presented by a narrator, each about a different item in the warehouse?

Sort of, the Area 51 warehouse from Indiana Jones plays host to a series of Outer Limits?

It is more of an adventure style story from what I gather that employs the warehouse keeper (Artie; pictured) and at least 2 FBI agents, in an attempt to snag, tag, and warehouse, all odd, paranormal and otherwise dangerous items from around the world.

Reminds me of another show where articles were gathered and kept safe, but I can't remember the name of it.

LOL I loved that show ! I still can't figure why they stopped it; did they run out of b-movies to mock?

No, they were making the bad movies so popular that the rights holders started asking exorbitant licensing fees to use the movies and the series simply became unprofitable.

Hmm, I still have yet to try out Partition Magic and install my dual boot with Ubuntu....time, you know?

(Well, you don't *need* partition magic, ubuntu's installer has a built-in partion editor) Yeah, I know what you mean...

Oh, and it works fine with Ubuntu (8.04...yeah, yeah it's old...shut up it's a long story...) - might just be your browser. What error messages do you get?

"You are trying to install Adobe Flash Player on an unsupported operating system"

Seems my EeePC version of Linux needs crutches?

crutches, braces, and other ambulatory aides :-)

I can't wait to see it! It looks really cool.

I have already done my part by consigning 3 items of my own to the warehouse :-)