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Print Server Answered

Hello, I have a apple mac PowerBook G4 that connects wireless to our 4-port adsl modem which the PC connects to as well. I was recently tiding out the box of cables and modems and stuff. I found our old adsl modem it just has a power port a telephone port and an Ethernet port and a usb port. I also have a sub wireless adapter(plug in to a PC and you have a wireless adapter. Is there a way to modify these items to build a print server so i can connect to it and print. I can't modify the wireless modem since thats what we use for internet.Is there a way to make one so I don't have to pay like over $50 for one I want a small device so i can make our usb printer a network one so i can print easily??


Well, you should be able to just plug the extra modem router into the main one. If that doesn't work, then do as lurch said, and use the old one. Finally, if you have more than one Mac, the printer can be hooked up to another Mac, and used to 'share' the printer with the laptop.


9 years ago

Usually the USB port on modems and routers is a to use for a print server IME, so if that is the case then I'd just use that.