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Print screen button on keyboard for video capture? Answered

I know there is software for this, but could using a 555 timer and a print screen button on your keyboard make a video capture device? Separate images would be stored, but software could stitch this together.


You would need more then a 555 timer hitting the print screen button. The print screen button only stores the image in the clipboard. As soon as the button is hit again the new image replaces the old. So you'll need a system to copy that clipboard image to something like MS Paint and save the image before the print screen button can be pressed again. Latency on that would leave you with an FPS of 1 at best. Then you will need a decent bit of software and loads of time to edit it all together. Overall not a good solution especially if your looking to capture things on your PC for free.

If you want to capture video of your PC there are many free options out there. But i find it's best to spend the $30 on a decent solution. Currently i use Fraps for my PC gaming videos.

Here is a list of free software capture options.


How do you rate Snagit (which I've used) as a single pic grabber ?

I'm in need of one again and before $pending would like an easy hot key grab :)

Never used it. I just use the screen shot hotkey in Fraps.

Keep hearing good things about Dxtory for everything but recording Minecraft.

Wouldn't it be easier to capture the video as it send to the monitor?

There is software out there to do screen recordings of either a window or the entire screen.

Are we talking analoge video?
Online stream?
External video source?

Because for all of the above there are solutions available but we don't know what you use ;)

I suppose you could...

The problem would be saving the images before you took another screen shot. **This extra Step for every Picture will gave you a fairly Horrid frame rate !

I used to use a screen capture Device before I switched to a Dvd recorder ( for the HDMI )