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Printing scale for repurposed meter Answered

I am doing a project to repurpose a Westinghouse KX-241 switchboard meter as a CPU process meter for my PC.  To to this I will have to make a new scale for the meter.  Here is the type of meter in question:

The scale on the meter I have does not match the scale I need, which is 0 to 100 (percent).  This is a simple task: Just remove the scale from the meter, scan it, and modify the image as necessary with Corel Draw.  Then print the new scale on glossy paper and adhere it to the top of the meter scale. 

Simple.  Except, if you notice in the picture, the scale of the meter is not all flat.  The outer edge of the scale where the lines are is angled outward.  If I try to apply a printed scale to this, the printed scale will have creases where the paper negotiates the angled portion. 

Any ideas of how I can manage this without creases?


You could cut narrow darts out of the paper, then when you bend it up, the edges will close up.

Yeah, thanks for the reply. I'm thinking that this method will leave visible slits where the paper is cut. I could minimize that by making the cuts where the printed lines are, and that would make the m less visible.

True - print V shapes instead of lines, and cut out the middle of the V.

Hey, great idea!
I thought I'd get some good helpful response on this site.