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Printing/Painting onto a cylinder (specifically, a drum stick) Answered

I'm planning on making a very nice pretty etc etc pair of drum sticks for a friend who is a serious drummer and among other things I'd like to do to make them individual is getting a design on them - be this by staining, printing, stamping or whatever (I'm not sure how it's done professionally and I feel paint would quickly come off... :/)

So, dearest Instructablers, does anyone have any guidance as to how to do this?


Try a very slow drying paint and paint the design on some sort of paper then put it on the stick and then take it off. Might work.

Think of it as if you were making a design on a baseball bat. The design should not cover the tip where it hits the drum and the area where you hold it as it would be subject to wear from hands and sweat.

So the bottom end and upper midsection is fair game.  Use acrylic or enamel paint.  Use ink or marker. Use a woodburning tool.  Stain the bare wood.  Cover your design or everything with a clearcoat finish when done.   Maybe use colored stick grip tape as part of the design.  Integrate LEDs into the stick.  I'm not sure how to do that  computer printed design on plastic shrink wrap.  Good luck.