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Printrbot Answered

I have really been wanting a 3D printer, but since I'm 14, the $600 price-tag doesn't work. When i was surfing Kickstarter.com yesterday, I came across the Printrbot.  I am really interested, but am not sure about how to build it. I know that you need 3D-printed parts to make it, along with hardware and some motors, but where can I get some of these things?


Here's the first build video


There are several other really great videos - very helpful.

You can find similar plans for 3D home made printers on the Internet but this one comes with an awesome set of components that have been proven to work well together (the control board is a work of art, the motors, chassis, power supply and all other parts/components).

Maybe you can cut grass this summer and earn $600. When I was 14 that's what I did and I earned more than that - this was 1972.

Mine arrived in the mail this week! I'm anxious to get it assembled and working!

I have 4,862 items I have designed and want to print - this should be fun!

Thank you Brook!!!

I designed the Printrbot just for that reason- to lower the barrier to entry for students like you! It will go on sale soon for $550 but I know that's still a lot of money! Let me know what you can afford and maybe we can work something out. Email me at brook@printrbot.com

BTW- I am working on an even cheaper, absolute bare bones kit... Stay tuned.

What deal would you like to make? I just got some money through my city's science fair, so that is going towards your kit.

I have a Roland jwx10 for sale its not so cheap but its not full new price either, excellent machine, were upgrading

Printrbot is an entry into the Gada Prize being offered by the reprap project.(http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap) On the same site are various instructions to build or buy various parts for 3d printers. Since it is an open source project it can be overwhelming/ confusing. The repstrap part of the site shows how some people built machines from scratch with materials they had around or scrounged. (http://reprap.org/wiki/Category:RepStrap)

not sure what kind of 3D printer you mean, I'm from a 3D lenticular printing factory, hope it helps: http://www.3dlenticularprinting.net/

Sorry, that's not what I'm talking about. This is more of want I'm looking to get:http://printrbot.com/gallery/. Thanks though!

A link would be nice...

I think he refers to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printrbot/printrbot-your-first-3d-printer

There are many home 3d printers out there made from varying degrees of rarity of materials.

From the kickstarter page the materials (without additional description) are:
Printed parts, bearings, rods, belts, bolts, nuts, extruder, motors, electronics, and hotend

The printed parts are a frame of some sort. You could machine it out of wood or anything else really.
Bearings, rods, belts, bolts and nuts should be easy enough to find at your local hardware store.
The extruder can be as simple as an icing syringe or as complex as a printer head.
Motors and electronics (whatever these may include) should be available at your nearest hobby electronics shop
The hot end seems to be the nozzle of the printer. If you want to print plastics this might be hard to find. Ive only found specific 3d printer shops carry them (for example: http://www.makergear.com). If you plan on printing resins or other non-temperature specific materials you might not need this part.

The downside is that all these components will not be cheap and designing and testing wont be easy. I havent the skills to make one myself so my plan is to save up cash to get a kit. I don't expect it to be much more expensive than having to source the parts and do it myself.