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Private RSS Feeds... what the heck is that all about? Answered

I was dinking around with my settings and noticed that my private RSS Feeds setting was disabled... which is fine, I suppose... but WTH is a  Private RSS Feed, anyway? 


The best way to understand Private RSS Feeds is they aren't any different from any other RSS Feed. The only main exception is that the Feeds are to YOUR private information. If you Enable Private Feeds you'll see the "feed key" code that is used to access your Comments (including your Orangeboard) OR your Inbox (for Private Messages). This is Private Stuff. You may or may not want to share this information, so by default its Disabled. I personally don't use this feature, as I don't think I want to share (or need to share) a feed to everything I say on this website; nor do I really like the idea of sharing my Inbox...

I think I'm having a lightbulb moment.   I'm already less-than-happy that my internet journeys are being "tracked" (for lack of a better word.)

To me, It makes no sense that I would grant that permission.


You're welcome.

That's precisely the reason I haven't opted to use that feature. I don't know of anyone who does.

RSS allows you receive updates from your favorite sites directly to your email program so you do not miss anything.

it's an rss feed of all the stuff that would affect you, as far as I know. I only use the 'new questions' feed myself.

so, rss, or 'really simple syndication' is a file that another program can ask of instructables "what are the updates for x thing"

news sites use it for new stories, blogs usually have an rss update

...and the ones on your profile 'messages' and 'inbox' can be used by another program or website to access your messages and inbox from elsewhere.

You can get an rss reader program, or personally I use my igoogle page to 'subscribe' to a feed. If someone sends a comment my way, it shows up on my igoogle homepage. That way, I have all the sites I frequent (facebook, twitter, ibles, hackaday, and several blogs) all show up on one webpage.