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K'NEX Contest starting July 1, 2013 Answered

Check out the WINNERS!

Update: August 20, 2013
The winners have been announced, check them out here. Thanks again everyone for such amazing entries. We had 12 judges rack their brains over all the entries, the tallied results were very close - the sign of a very hard contest to judge. The technical merits of  the projects cannot be understated, all of the entries were original and very creative.
Great work, look for something like this to happen again next year!

Update: August 14, 2013
We've just wrapped up the K'NEX (and LEGO) contest(s), and I'm happy to say that you guys did not disappoint!
With such a diverse and technical array of projects, I have my work cut out for me to try and pick the finalists. I'd like to thank everyone who entered, and a special thanks to those who created more than one entry.

Before this contest started, running a K'NEX-themed contest was an unknown. The K'NEX community here has always been a strong and independent, and I didn't want to engage with you and run a contest if I couldn't serve your interests. There was some contention about hosting a contest that may (probably would) involve a fair amount of weaponry. While this is a valid concern I feel like that is part of the fabric that makes the community here so great. It was important for me to have a mix of projects that covered all areas of K'NEX. I am proud to say that the majority of the weapons that were entered were well photographed and professionally presented.

I'm looking forward to making this an annual thing for you, but could use your feedback to make it even better next time! If you have any feedback on what you'd like to see differently please feel free to leave a comment below, or send me a PM.

I'm going to hide out for the next few days and pour over the entries to try and nit-pick all 200 entries into just 18 finalists. Thank you, everyone, for making this contest such a success.

Editor of Play, Instructables.com


That was an awesome contest! It gavee a reason to stretch my K'nex imagination! Thanks!

Congrats to all of the finalist and thanks again Mike for putting the contest on it was a lot of fun and inspired a lot of great builds!

Thanks for the contest Mike! Loved the whole thing! Hope to see another contest like this soon.

There could also be an actual trophy made out of k'nex... Just an idea...

Thank you for putting the contest on! I honestly think that it helped rejuvenate the community and push our means to build new and creative builds! Can't wait to do it again!


4 years ago

I've never entered in a contest before how do you do it?

So the deadline is the 12th of August correct?

May give this a go considering I have some time now...

i have something very special for this <3 i've been keeping it a secret for a while now ^_^

Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!! >=D

You're not the only one.
Good luck by the way.

i just realized i can't find the contest : |

I'm looking forward to this :D

You can enter in knex guns!! Wow, Hmm, Defiantly going to give it a go.

This contest is not limited to any specific category right?? Like guns, ball machines, etc?? It can be anything?? Also, how many winners??

Also for ball machines?

Sounds good to me!

Sounds interesting,I'll be back from a trip on the day when this starts =D You might want to separate the contest into 2 or so categories as others were saying.

we get knex as a price? awesome, i'll so join!!!!!!!!!! a month and a half should be enough.
when are the topics announced?

I thought some more on the category section of this contest. I think that it should be split into two categories: guns and everything but guns. I think this worked pretty well in your last contest so why mess with it. As for the grand prize a 3-d printer is still what I'm after. I could print my own knex pieces with it!

I'm also okay with any topic really, almost anything can be built with knex!

maybe each runner up prize could be of the nature of the category (see Ben_the_Builder 's comment in regard to the category idea). Maybe a model set for the models category, an airsoft gun for the weaponry category, and so on.

Great suggestions, please keep them coming!

There's been a small delay in getting this moving, but we're still working behind the scenes to launch this. Your ideas and comments will impact how this contest gets delivered, so please leave a comment about your ideas!

split it into categories maybe? have one category for ball machines, one for knex guns, one for knex models etc etc, and at the end, we all vote on an overall winner out of the whole thing and the tops out of the other categories become the runner ups?

like the boss builder said, is there a limit to how many instructables are entered


5 years ago

I think sense Knex guns and ball machine are the most popular here, those should be the two themes.

How many instructables can I enter ( I would like to enter three), and is there a set start date yet?

I have one quick question. Do the things we enter have to be full instructables? Because I have a gun that I built (that I am not going to post until after the contest goes live) and I would like to take it apart. Do I need to make a full 'ible for it?

well whatever this turns out to be i'll try my best at it i only have abut 1500 pkeces though : S

So... has this been forgotten or are you waiting for more ideas? I've been stockpiling my ideas so when do I unload?

I'm in talks with the K'NEX mothership right now, we're sorting out how to best execute this contest so that it satisfies their lawyers and our readers. I hop eto have this launch in the next 30-40 days. Hang onto your awesome K'NEX creations until this goes live!

Does this mean that we should not post things we might want in the contest until after the contest goes live? Is there going to be a date limit?

Awe, thats too bad. =( I'll keep in touch for your announcement, and thanks for all the work your putting into this. =D

Alright, will do. I spread the word around so everyone else can get ready. (Did a little Paul Revere.) =)

I'd say anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months is more than long enough. Also, I don't think it would be right to have an all-in-one contest for knex, but rather divide it into categories and subcategories. The main 2 categories would obviously be projects and guns. I'm not that familiar with non-gun projects so I wouldn't really be able to sub-categorize that well, but guns I think should be divided into models, replicas (The difference being that models don't shoot, replicas do) and innovators (New concepts, new designs, new mechanisms etc.). I think each category should be judged separately and as for prizes and winners and such, I have no clue what-so-ever.