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Prize shipment Answered

Why hasn't my prize(which i won more than 2 months ago) been shipped out? 



yes as well as with me, we had to wait until 12 weeks then we can send emails that have not received a prize, and I think it was just too long.

Can the prize be shipped in Pakistan If I win...???

When are you going to ship my prize for the tech contest? it's been almost a month now and I haven't got any mail or notification regarding the shipment of my prize. Please update me.

I have not got any status of my prize's shipment. I even mailed them but got no response. Please help!!!

Did you email this service@instructables.com because when i emailed, they shipped my prize the very next day

dude, winners for tech contest were announced like 10 days ago, it's simply impossible to send out so many prizes the very next day, considering that there are also a lot of other contests, just wait a couple days

Relax, I have won a prize in the Tech contest too. I think they had some days off last week in the USA because of Thanksgiving Day.
I think we have to be a bit more patient. Don't worry, they will send a message when they ship the prizes.

Please email service@instructables.com if you still have not received your prize.


3 years ago

Depending where you are it could take a while, if you are in the southern hemisphere it will take longer due to the long distance.

If you still haven't got it in a week or so drop line to service (at) instructables.com and they should be able to help you with it.