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Prize shipping info?? Answered

Hey all I just won the special prize in the bathroom contest a 2 weeks ago and I was asked to fill in a form asking for the address etc, and I filled it in and sent it, but it has been about a week and a half but the prize(Sugru) has not arrived yet(I live in Poland)Does anyone know how long it takes for a prize in instructables to be shipped to Poland



Best Answer 7 years ago

1. Trans-Atlantic mail is always a lot slower that mail sent within a single nation, or even within continental Europe.

2. Staff sometimes wait until they have all the winners' details, and then put together all the prize packages at once and send them in a big batch.

But could you tel me around how many days it take like 20 or 30 days

I can't exactly, but times of two or three weeks have been easily typical in the past.

If you are worried, contact the person who asked for your details.

Thanks a lot I just wanted to know how long it usually takes