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Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win? Answered

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we're always planning contests, but sometimes we run out of prize ideas. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!


dji drone

laptop like Mack book

in recent running contest non of the contest have mack book air as prize

You did at contest with Taste of the World some time ago, which was really cool! Could you do that again, please?

A Harvest Right Freeze dryer would be a really cool prize.

Glowforge laser cutter. Price just dropped to $2,500 for the amazing basic model!

I know its a bit pricy but for one of the larger contests it might be super. OR to drum up interest in one of the less participated in or narrower interest contests!

If you haven't looked at one you should - regular laser cutting, plus with the internal cameras, tracing/cutting drawings ability, etc. Just amazing for a maker!


I would like to see more 3D printers. And maybe more Arduino kits... Drones are always cool, but they need to at least be decent. The Flying Ghast from the Minecraft contest is a good example of what kind of drone NOT to have as a prize... Cheap, cheesy, and annoying to use or modify.

Laptops, computers, and cameras are extremely useful, and I would love to see more of those.

Also, I saw a few comments down something about mixing prizes, that is a brilliant idea and something I would like to see as well. For instance, I don't have a 3D printer, so I couldn't possibly hope to win one in a 3D printing contest, same goes for RaspberryPi and a number of other items I would actually be interested in winning.


5 months ago

I think there should be some options in the prize pack choice like T-shirt, mug, Cap, flash drive, umbrella etc. I have at least 10 instructables T-shirt and bored with it.

We hear you! Working on it :)

Possibly a nintendo switch?

So far the most useful thing I have won was my dlsr. It certainly upped my instructables game. My favorite thing are still 3D printers, though. How about the prusa i3 mk3.

Drones, woodworking equipment and cameras

The recently announced Nintendo Labo seems like the perfect prize for this site, with its hands on construction approach and appeal to makers. It could tie with a Cardboard Contest, a Gaming Contest or even a dedicated Nintendo Contest, making the Grand Prize a Nintendo Switch with the Labo kits or something like that. Just my thoughts.

Has it been long enough since the last time I suggested an anvil?

I was going to suggest Vitamix as a prize, but just saw that you're giving one away in the Gluten Free Challenge - that's so awesome!! I also love your new sweatshirts; I have to have one of those :) I filled out the survey - thanks for letting us help decide upcoming contests.

Instapot, Air fryer, Pawley Studios GC, Button maker,

A button maker! I will see if I can figure out where we can give those away.

We've given away some Instapots in the past, but an air fryer might be nice to add to the mix.

I know nothing about Instapot, just it seems to be a hot item right now. Ditto for Air Fryers, but after burning the crap out of my hand attempting egg rolls I can see the appeal :)

Dehydrators are also cool

Unicorn SPiT, Plasti-Dip, kilns,


7 months ago

What about mixing the prizes in the contests? I mean, the prizes are currently really similar to the topic of the contest, and for example in an "Arduino contest" there are Arduino to win, in "Raspberry Pi contest" there are Raspberry Pi to win... But the winners will probably already have such things because this is the topic of the contests!

So the idea would be to mix the prizes, for example:

- The winners in "Arduino contest" win a Raspberry Pi

- The winners in "Woodworking contest" win 3D printers

- The winners in "Metal contest" win woodworking tools

- And so on...

Yeah I found that that 3D printing contest prizes were kind of funny because most winners already had a printer. If I remember correctly, one even built a printer. It would be cool to have prizes that allowed you to explore new topics. But at the same time, those who are passionate about a certain contest topic may want something related.

Maybe a Scratch or Game making contest???

Yeah I really enjoy Scratch too, it was the first language I ever used. However, it may be a bit hard to elaborate on a project enough to make an instructable. Unless you mean tutorials on basic game design such as adding gravity or making multiplayer.

Being a videographer, I really liked the Photography contest awards (gorillapods and camera bags).

This year, I'd like to see more contests, that have many great prizes, instead of only a single huge prize, because quite often all of the top 5s were excellent, but sadly, only one of them was awarded with an excellent prize, the others got just a T shirt.

I like the PVC contest's prizes of Formufit gift cards. I had actually
never heard of them before—the only online PVC pipe store I knew of was
FlexPVC. I was too slow to enter this year, but I'll probably enter it
next time.

Make residents of Quebec able to enter the contest and win prizes.

It would be cool if Contest Winners got a Skill Badge Sticker.

For example: Winners of the Halloween Contest could get the Instructables Logo dressed up as a Vamp/Dracula(the picture is from there Halloween Postcard 2017 Blog).

On second thought, it would be very time consuming(probably expensive too) for the Instuctables Team to create distinct stickers for each contest.


3D printer or the hand held CNC machine(https://shapertools.com/)

woodworking tools: jointers

I would suggest a certification of the contest! To prove that the winner is officially an award winner in instructables. What about that?

I don't know why this topic has gotten so popular so suddenly lately, but it's being discussed already over in the comments on the "List of Upcoming Contests" post.

For the record, I think certificates would be nice too.

Prize suggestions for a future Wireless contest:

Judges' prize for best mesh networking project: a bulk pack of ESP8266 or ESP32 (or maybe XBee) boards

Judges' prize for community networking: some Ubiquiti gear

Judges' prize for best non-Wi-Fi, non-cellular project: an SDR, any model that's good

In the prize pack offer a choice: the normal T-shirt OR a Baseball Cap, OR a flash drive -- All Instructable Branded.


8 months ago

Prizes I'd like to see more of? Tools.

Prizes that don't do it for me at all? Apple products. Being that there is such a diehard divide on love / hate Apple stuff, it would be cool if in situations where a pricey Apple product is offered, there was an option for a comparable Android or Windows based product.

I took some time checking what contests are offered over the months and what sort of prices are offered.
Not bad really :)
Apart from having some people who seem to have winning contests as a job I also noticed from some feedback that not everyone is able to use prices as offered.
This includes tools made for US mains power while the winner uses the 240V standard but also those who simply already have similar or better stuff than their price.
Last but not least is the tax and customs problem that more and more international winners face.
When a nice laser scanner was offered as the first price I checked for me in AU and was shocked.
Due to the value of the cutter I would have to pay close to 1000$ AU to pick it up.

My suggestion would be for winners from outside the US to offer an alternative to the price if import costs or the price itself is not good for them.
Many of the big companies have headquartes or authorised dealers outside the US, it should be possible in some cases to offer shipping from within the country (or at least continet) of the winner to avoid shocking import duties for high value prices.
Some companies, like Dremel, can be found in almost any hardware store around the world, so I checked with my local one.
I was told it is no problem to take a gift order from such a company and to hand out the item to the customer after the identity is confirmed.
I guess other stores might handle this in similar ways.

Last but not least: Exchange of the price if everything else fails.
Although I do realise this might not be that easy but anyway:
Let's face it, someone winning a contest might already have all the tools and gadgets required to make it happen.
Here the price might either collect dust or end up on ebay.
A waste of ressources and postage costs if you ask me ;)
It might be really nice for to some to be able to choose between the price or a gift card for an online sotre/service they can use in their country.
Considering in such a case the postage costs are gone and the price itself can be sold as normal the gift card could be of equal value to the offical sale value of the price in question.

Just my five cents on contests prices though....

How about a contest for Disaster Recovery? The prizes could be a trip to a disaster zone to help distribute their idea to folks who would benefit. I'm sure the folks in Puerto Rico could benefit from solar phone charges and DIY water filtration systems.


8 months ago

How about a prize where you get one of your video/social-media/marketing ninjas to do a commercial/summary/promo/interview thing of the winner's projects that they can use on their social media channels. Obviously the winner would have to be someone with a number of good Instructables. Maybe this could even be a lucky draw between all authors with more than, for example, 10 featured projects.

Leatherman Pocket-knife

DSLR camera. Mid-range will do. So that I can upload much much better photos for my Instructables. Right now I took the photos with a potato =).

woodworking tools?

Like table saw, bandsaw, cnc router

Certificates will be really appreciated! It makes a great addition to a portfolio and is a great memento!

How about more woodworking tools?

Like miter saws, drills, sanders etc.

I'm activly posting instructables and taking part in contests only for less than a year and I already have two t-shirts and, apparently, atleast an apron (it's still in voting). I mean there's for sure some people who are ocassionaly winning atleast something, so I want to say, that I'm glad that you think of some variety of prises, so even if it's a t-shirt again it's a different color one... aprons... you had thermo mugs not so long ago... What I want to say is that even if it's something humble, it's good to have something different ocasionally, so I appreciate yours affords.

Sorry for the confusion! The Halloween Contest is live and can be found hereuntil we fix the Contest Page.