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Pro Membership Answered

At 9 am CST today I paid for Pro Membership via Paypal. However when I log in and go to profile, it does not see that I am a Pro Member; therefore, I cannot download. I received an automated response to the e-mail to service but this did not answer questions. How long should it take before my account becomes a Pro Member where I can download. I want to to be patient but I also would like to get started on my project.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.


Dr. Juan


Ok I sent an email to support and posted a topic here. It has now been about 2 days since I bought the 2 year subscription to pro membership.

Any chance of helping me out?

Yes, Jessy, I am. A nice and polite young man named Matthew sent me an e-mail this morning and it looks like I am ready to go. Thanks.

Sometimes it can take just a little while - but it looks like you're fine now! Once you get a "pro" badge you're good to go. :D