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Pro Membership costs Answered

I wanted to get the Pro membership....in deciding which was the most cost effective I ran into a problem.
#1 is more expensive
#2 is the cheapest of the three
#3 is said to be the best but in fact is the middle of the two...please explain this so I can decide what to purchase.


Why did the cost of a pro membership go up so drastically?

It went up?

With $50, you can buy a 2 year membership.

With $50, you can probably make a Instructable (or more) that gets featured on the homepage, and wins in a contest. (Free two years)

If you sell your prize, you can probably buy several more years o... Wait... You already have a free membership...

I think they make it expensive, so you'll make an Instructable if your want to be PRO...

Premium membership doesn't have to be expensive - just write an instructable that's cool enough to get featured.

Weigh-in that you can get given free membership (starting @ 1/4) for posting good quality work. I've got enough to last me into the 2020's...


The writeup is a bit confusing there.
But let's calculate all of them to two years timespan.

Annually billed 2*24 = 48
Quaterly billed 4*24 = 96
One time payment 40