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Pro Membership details more visible; ratings calculation change Answered

Several new things have just gone up, here's what:
  • For Pro members, there's a new tab on your You page called (unsurprisingly) "Pro Membership". On it you'll see the details of your current membership, a list of any gift memberships you've received, and where applicable, there's a link to stop auto-renewing your payment. We're also now sending out emails when the renewal is imminent. These are overdue changes and we hope they make Pro membership better for everyone.
  • Ratings are higher. Based on comparisons throughout the entire Internet (well, OK, only a small part of it, but we tried to take a diverse sample) we realized that Instructables' star values were lower by comparison than most other places, for content that's comparable or better. So we are bumping them up a star. Yeah it's ratings inflation, so sue us. Your Instructables are as good as anything else on the web, and often far better, and we want to make sure the world in general sees that. The actual update is going to happen in stages over the next few days as there are a lot of ratings to change and we want to avoid the possibility of a site slowdown from so much database work all at once. Anything you rate from now on, though, will show the new values immediately.
  • Publishing an Instructable now explicitly requires images. Lack of images is one of the main reasons for an otherwise good Instructable getting caught in the publish process, so we've just made that bit automatic. If there aren't enough images, you can't publish, and you get a message about why.
  • We've added a new forum category, English Language Help.  We have a number of members who speak other languages than English natively, and they are posting awesome content. Of course we want to encourage this! Our hope is that those who want a bit of a hand with English, in another language, can more easily find those who are willing and able to give it.
There are a few other changes that mostly just affect administrators - it's a bit easier to manage Guides now; some site feedback is handled a little differently. Paging on lists is better under the hood, but you won't see any difference unless you notice perhaps a small speed improvement.

Lots of stuff this time around! Have at it. Don't hesitate to file a bug if you find one.