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Pro Membership expired but still shows up Answered

For some reason my three monthe pro membership which was supposed to end on July 19th is still in my current memberships section and I feel guilty about letting this happen!  I have plenty of other memberships but this three monthe has lasted more than 4 months!  Please help me!


That's for letting us know, this is something we've been alerted to and are working on solving. For now, you get the benefit of our error.

Here's another thread on the topic that may answer more of your questions in the meantime.

This is what mine looks like

Length 2 Year Pro Membership ($39.95)
Started on Aug 19, 2010
Ends on Aug 18, 2012
Auto-renewal Turned Off

I have a pro membership that has expired (according to the date) but is still active? I am unable to renew it. I can't find anyway to turn auto-renew or buy a new one.

I am having the same problem! Is there anyway to renew?

I am having the same problem! I used my 3 month pro in March and then a month ago I realized it had probably expired so I went to add another membership and then I saw that even though my membership had expired I was still a pro member. I was superconfused.