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Pro Membership not working Answered

Good Morning/Afternoon,

I recently signed up for a Pro Membership ($49.95 USD) and did the email confirmation. I've cleared my browser cache but when I try to download an Instructable a message box pops up saying that is a pro feature. Please help.

Username: mslorach

Kind Regards,

Mark Slorach.



3 years ago

Same problem here.

Two mail later and still no communication with the support.


Jonas Sevelin

I was really impressed with the quick response (and solution) in my case given the time difference between here (Australia - east coast) and the America - west coast.

They have weekends in California, same as the rest of us...


We can defiantly assist you with any issues regarding Pro Membership. If you could please contact us over at support@instructables.com we can get it all sorted out.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff


Thank you for your reply. Will drop a line to the email address you suggested.

Regards, Mark.