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Pro Psychology Answered

Well, I spent some time writing a long persuasive post on this topic, but it was eaten somewhere between edit and preview so this is the gist.

1 Pro accounts are deemed necessary but cause conflict in the community
2 'Ibles is alienating some of its membership that could be otherwise utilised.
3 'Ibles is following good logical marketing practice, but is conflicting with illogical human nature
4 Marketing Psychology is good stuff for a variety of reasons.
5 If a specialist doesn't fit the budget, there are many easy to read and excellently written books on the subject.
6 Marketing psychology is awesome for situations like this. Get marketing psychology. Hope this helps.

So, imagine that, but with more examples and evidence and you being even more convinced than you are now that it is a good idea.



8 years ago

What question are you answering, and what is your final conclusion?


8 years ago

I don't really understand what you're saying here, but could you explain what you mean by "could be otherwise utilised"?